TwitchTV IRC Mod for Minecraft adds a complete new feature to Minecraft you surely have never seen before. It allows you to login into TwitchTV and go into any channel and read and even reply to chat!


TwitchTV IRC Mod Features:

  • Readable/Talkable Chat
  • Customizable Colors and Style
  • Blocks URLs, which is toggleable.
  • Easy configuration!
  • Easily talk to TwitchTV Chat or Minecraft chat!



Feed the beast

  • Open the FTB launcher
  • Go to edit mod pack, and add the mod still zipped to the Mods Tab.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Add mod still zipped to the mods folder in %appdata%/.minecraft
  • If you have multimc you can use also use that mods folder.



  • Fixed crash bug when clicking links in Minecraft 1.5.2, and moved twitch textures around for better sorting for texture packs.

For 1.5.2

For 1.5.1

Credits: xIGBClutchIx

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