Have you ever been playing Minecraft and ended up with a full inventory? Of course you have. What do you do? You end up having to just drop items and leave them where they lie, which means the game has to keep up with where they are and it can slow things down if you have to drop a lot of items. You could make a lava block and use that to get rid of items, but things would be much more simple if there was just a way you could easily delete items without having to bring lava into your home. Well, there is a mod that can take away the worry! The Trash Slot Mod for Minecraft!



The Trash Slot Mod

You’ll get a little trash can icon at the bottom of your inventory window, in a layer below it. You can always move it around if you want to though, if you don’t like it being in the bottom of your inventory. You don’t technically need to even use the trash slot once you have the mod, all you have to do it hover over an item with your cursor and press the Delete key to get rid of something. Likewise, if you have a whole bunch of items that you don’t want clogging up your inventory, you can hold down SHIFT and press delete to get rid of all items of a specific type.

The one main issue with the Trash Slot Mod is that it shouldn’t have to exist. Minecraft should have had a good way to get rid of unwanted items, but didn’t. Well, that’s why this mod is here to fix those mistakes, and it does it pretty well. If you find yourself spending more time trying to get rid of unwanted materials and picking up trash to repeat the cycle, maybe stop doing that. You’ll save a lot of time by knowing what you’re actually going to use.


Features of the Trash Slot Mod for Minecraft

  • The DELETE button to remove items under the cursor.
  • Customizable trash icon, movable by just clicking and dragging it to a new position.
  • You can bring an item by that you accidently threw away just by taking it back out of the trash slot.
  • Delete all items of a certain type with Shift+Delete, a huge time saver for people with full inventories.
  • And of course, the Trash Slot that deletes items just by dropping them in it.

TrashSlot Mod Installation:

  1. Simply download the Minecraft Forge 1.11 latest version and run it.
  2. Type %appdata%/.minecraft/mods on the Start Menu and download the mod.
  3. Move the zip or Jar file to the folder “mods”
  4. You’re ready to play!

Download Links:

Older versions:

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For 1.9

For 1.9.4

For 1.10.2

For 1.11

Credits: Blay09

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