Stuffed Animals Mod for Minecraft adds new mobs that will make your Minecraft world more interesting. You will never find your Minecraft world boring anymore!


Stuffed Animals Mod adds a stuffed animal version of every mob in the game! Each mob plays a unique sound along with hearts when interacted with. Also, the horses and villagers have a random texture, so you may need to place them multiple times to get the type you desire. To get the animals, craft a present and right click while holding it in your hand. It will give you three random stuffed animals.



Mod Showcase:



Stuffed Animals Mod Installation:

  • Download and run the latest version of Minecraft Forge
  • Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft/mods
  • Download the mod
  • Move the downloaded Jar (zip) file into the “mods” folder
  • Done and Enjoy the mod.

Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Credits: lKinx, Sade1212

Stuffed Animals Mod for Minecraft
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