Radio Mod for Minecraft for Minecraft is a mod that allows us to craft a radio into the Minecraft world, as well as speakers to listen to what is played on the radio. Radio adds is not just a music player for songs that you have on your computer, but that allows us to listen to the radio online and streaming via the internet without leaving Minecraft.


It is not simply a prerecorded sound player or dummy. For that you need a radio stream link that provides mp3 stream with m3u or pls extention. Audio stream will be client sided, so the radio does not cause any lag to server, and client side code is enough effective to play on any configuration and mod-pack without any troubles.

Radio has 9 buttons, and one text insert area. Buttons allow you to connect to stream link that is provided in text box, Play the stream, turn volume up and down, add stream to playlist, delete it, browse the playlist, clear the stream text-box, paste into it and exit the player.

You can use the radio remote to bind speaker to radio to extend it’s range. Just right click on speaker with control and then do the same to radio!

Just remember that one radio can have max 10 speakers. Just to make sure people do not go crazy. However you can add dummy speakers around to make it look there are more speakers!

Mod Showcase:

Example radio stream links:

If some links do not work, they are not mp3 format or with m3u/pls extention.

Radio Mod Installation:

  • Download and run the latest version of Minecraft Forge
  • Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft/mods
  • Download the Radio Mod
  • Move the downloaded Jar (zip) file into the “mods” folder
  • Done and Enjoy the mod.

Download Links:

For 1.7.10

Credits: DragonbornSR

Radio Mod for Minecraft for Minecraft
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