If you are tired to explore the world as you try to find ore, then you are in the right place. The Ore Seeds Mod for Minecraft is a new mod with a very interesting and exciting premise. The idea here is that you can easily use ore seeds that you can grow and generate your ore as fast as possible.


The Ore Seeds Mod basically removes the need for exploration if you would rather stay within your camp, something that you will enjoy quite a bit to say the least.


Why should you use the Ore Seeds Mod minecraft?

The main benefit here is that it helps you save a lot of time that you can use on something else. There are 4 different types of seeds that you can find at this time, which include emerald, diamond, gold and iron.

When you plant these seeds you will grow a plant that will give you ore. It all comes down to the types of seeds you have, but usually the value that you receive is a very good one to say the least.

The interesting thing is that these plants will require some special conditions otherwise they might not grow at all. The idea here is that you need to understand the conditions required by each plant and then you can make the most out of the Ore Seeds Mod. Yes, it’s challenging but the conditions aren’t that harsh to begin with.


For example, the diamond plant requires you to place the seed on coal blocks and you also need to have lava near it. You also need to have it open to air.

The emerald plant on the other hand will grow on the nertherrack blocks, lava also has to be placed nearby and you also need to have it open to air as well. Then you have the iron and gold plants which will also have similar requirements to the emerald plant. Overall, you get a very good value and the experience that you receive here is nothing short of interesting to begin with!

How do you create these seeds though? It’s a simple process actually. You need to get nether star and 8 blocks of that adjacent material. It will be a little tricky to get all of this right from the start, so using the Ore Seeds Mod will require some exploration, back and forth and lots of work. But it will be worth it, considering that once you have it running, you can generate any type of ore at a much faster rate. We recommend you to try out the mod because it’s an exciting addition to the game, one that you will appreciate quite a bit!

How to install?

  1. Simply download the Minecraft Forge latest version and run it.
  2. Type %appdata%/.minecraft/mods on the Start Menu and download the mod.
  3. Move the zip or Jar file to the folder “mods”
  4. You’re ready to play!

Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4:


For Minecraft 1.8


For Minecraft 1.7.10


Credits: Z_Doctor

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