Letters From A Dead Earth Map for Minecraft is a free-roam survival map with quests and a ton of secrets. There are no rules! If you can break it, it’s yours! Place blocks, mine, farm, break things, grief– this map is designed so you can do whatever you want in it. Feel free to run it with mods or snapshots too!



Welcome to Jefferson County.You have no memory of how the world ended. No one does. You don’t know when it happened or why. Sometimes it feels like everything fell apart centuries ago. Sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday. Only the ruins know for certain.Hidden among the detritus of a fallen civilization, scraps of paper detail the days preceding the fall and the hell that followed after. Gathered together, they tell the story of what went wrong, and perhaps elude to a deeper mystery that only the keenest of mind might gather from the whispers, the voices of the ghosts of this dead earth.


Letters From A Dead Earth brings over 100 “book” notes to bear, all scattered throughout a massive (almost 4,000 x 4,000) map featuring 8 cities, 10 towns, five “large vehicle crash sites” and more secrets than you can shake a Mayan calendar at. What happened to the Dead Earth? Find out by collecting numbered books (1 – 100,) piece together the story and decide for yourself. Lots of other (non-numbered) books exist to give the map more character. Can you find them all?

Player contributed optional challenges:

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  • Property Respect– Do not loot chest/dispensers/furnaces, do not break or place any blocks, and do not kill any villagers while you are in the Citrus Flats area (Spawn).
  • The Electric Company– Torches, Redstone Lamps, Glowstone, Redstone Torches, Furnaces, Jukeboxes, Enchanting Tables, Brewing Stands, MRE/Generator Flares (Seeds), and Pistons all have to be powered by generators. You must have enough generators to support your power usage. Each powered generator can power 4 items (Except torches which takes up 0.5 power, Enchanting Tables/Brewing Stands which takes up an entire generators power output, and Pistons/Redstone Lamps which only take up power when on.) These rules do not apply to items that were on the map to begin with. If also playing with the “Property Respect” challenge you may take two unpowered generators from spawn.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Steve- Expand the Citrus Flats boarder around 5 more safe buildings. (The buildings must be lit up enough for mobs not to spawn and must not have any mobs in it to qualify as “safe”.)
  • Pillage the Village- Kill 10 Villagers and destroy 3 buildings in citrus flats.
  • Dirty Hippie- Do not kill animals, eat meat/fish/cake, or wear leather armor.
  • Site-seeker– See all the major locations. (The ones marked in the OP with a circle and X.).
  • Explorer– See all locations.
  • Greener Pastures– Make it thorough the wastes to the naturally generating world.
  • Dead Zone– Survive 20 nights deep in the wasteland.
  • Safe Passage– Create a lit, monster-free passage above ground that connects the villages of Citrus Flats, Rustvale and Quartz.
  • Centreville Tycoon– Recover, repair, light and repopulate (with villagers) at least 5 skyscrapers (buildings more than 5 levels in height) in Centreville.
  • Nuke Master- Find all the big, undetonated bombs on the map.
  • Captain, My Captain- Find all three crashed airliners on the map.
  • High Seas- Visit the Tydus.
  • Begin Again- Find the “Genesis Vault.”
  • Commander and Chief– Find “Site 112.”
  • The Big Ear- Find the military listening outpost.
  • Hope For The Future- Find the one town not on the map.
  • The Big Noise- Find all of the Pianos on the map
  • Burn The World- Find the two active ICBMs.
  • Peace In Our Time- Find the military base.
  • The Jayde Challenge (The Means of Production)- Everything is lootable and breakable, but the requirements for crafting are much more advanced than the standard workbench.  For example, to make diamond equipment I would need to loot and assemble something to be used as a drill, a diamond computer to run it, a cooling system(An industrial AC ripped from one of the buildings) wiring and piping, and enough generators to keep it powered.
  • Signal-eating Demon – Blow up all the radiotowers on the map.
  • Witch wannabe – Find all the weakness,Poisonous potions on the map.
  • Fire Maniac – Kill 10 npcs,1 golem with flint and steel.
  • Best mercenary ever – be fully armored with enchanted iron armor with an enchanted diamond sword.
  • Creepy Rat (Need a mod called ‘Pet bats’)-start with gray dyed leather armor set and tamed bat,wooden sword and 5 throwable potion of weakness.but you can only eat raw meats and spider eyes,and cannot drink the other potions except potion of weakness.and can only use wooden things when constructing or crafting.
  • Last words – The aim is pretty straight forward: destroy every single village, NPC, and Iron golem in the entire map. You must still collect all the books, after all the villages has been burned to the ground, all Iron golems and NPC’s dead, you must place all the books in a safe place, for example a library or a basement, or make your own. After all the books are safe, never play that save again.






Map Trailer:

Map Installation:

  • Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft/saves folder
  • Download the map from the link provided below and extract file
  • Drag the downloaded file into the “saves” folder
  • Close tabs, run Minecraft and be ready to enjoy new map

Map Download Link:


Credit d341jerman

Letters From A Dead Earth Map for Minecraft
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