X-ray Mod for Minecraft adds a special function to Minecraft, which is X-ray. The mod makes blocks transparent and then helps you see anything you want, from checking needed materials, checking out what’s wrong with your redstone circuit, and more.


The mod comes with 3 funtions:

  • Xray-> “x” key
  • Brightness-> “c” key ; Press once to highlight mobs or press twice for everything. 3th time resets to default
  • Cave finder-> “v” key

You can change the hotkeys in the Controls menu(Yes, the games one).

You can change the blocks you want to show/hide in the menu(ctrl+x).

  • Red – hidden
  • Transparent – shown
  • You change it with ENTER.

Forge merged files are compatible with the recommended forge release.


  • Install Risugami’s mod loader.
  • Extract the xray package.
  • Open .minecraftbin folder.
  • Open the “minecraft.jar” file with a archive manager program(7 zip, winrar etc).
  • Drag the extracted files to the archive and overwrite if needed.
  • If you didn’t already, delete the META-INF folder from the archive.

(Optional) Download and install NoVoidFog mod which deletes fog deep undergound.


For 1.4.7/1.4.6


For 1.4.5



DTDB Mod for Minecraft or Damn That Done Button. A simple mod which changes the position of the “Done” button in the controls menu. After instaling it, that damn button goes to the center bottom of the screen.



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